JDM Sorting, LLC in Edison, NJ is a company that reuses and recycles 100% of all clothing hangers for the benefit of humans and the Earth. Reusing hangers have a major effect on reducing waste and sustaining our planet.

Plastic hangers take more than 1,000 years to decay and can release harmful chemicals into the soil. Instead of throwing used hangers away in landfills, our company reuses more than 80% and sells broken and unusable hangers to recycle companies to reproduce other plastic products.

Why We Reuse Hangers

As we confront the challenges of waste reduction through hanger reuse, we also create jobs and reduce the cost of doing business. Our retail partners enjoy significant savings by purchasing used hangers with these benefits:

  • Keeps Goods and Materials Out of the Waste Stream
  • Advances Source Reduction, Lessening the Manufacture of New Plastic Hangers Threatening to End Up in Landfills
  • Preserves the “Embodied Energy” That Was Used to Manufacture an Item
  • Reduces the Strain on Valuable Resources, Such as Fuel, Forests and Water Supplies, and Helps Safeguard Wildlife Habitats
  • Creates Less Air and Water Pollution Than Making a New Item or Recycling
  • Results in Less Hazardous Waste
  • Saves Money in Purchases and Disposal Costs
  • Generates New Business and Employment Opportunities for Both Small Entrepreneurs and Large Enterprises
  • Creates an Affordable Supply of High-Quality Goods

How We Reuse Hangers

The garment industry today produces clothing and delivers them to retail stores with hangers. After the garment is sold to the consumer, many customers take the hangers home where the hanger finds its way into the trash and ultimately into a landfill.

To reduce waste, retailers have partnered with our company to recycle hangers. Their customer service representatives collect the display hangers once they sell clothing. The hangers then travel to the retailers’ distribution centers by the trucks that deliver new clothing. Through reverse logistics, we use resources wisely.


To minimize the impact on the carbon footprint, our team works with regional carriers near their sorting facilities. We bring the hangers to one of our establishments to check, sort and repackage them.

With a discounted price, our company sells the recycled and repackaged hangers back to garment vendors. We inform retailers of the exact amount of hangers and poundage of material they reuse each year.

Work With Us

You can save money and care for the environment at the same time.
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